Spring 2009

  • Letter from the Chair
    by Susan McKinnon
    In a Time of Transition

  • H.L. Seneviratne Retires
    by Susan McKinnon
    From Sinhalese Poetry to an Anthropology of Political Engagement

  • Road Trip
    by Anne Bromley (U.Va. Media Relations)
    Kath Weston's Book on Bus Travel Reveals Portrait of America

  • Yarimar Bonilla
    by Susan McKinnon
    New Faculty Member Explores Caribbean Politics of Memory and Protest

  • Forgotten Battlefields
    by Elizabeth Arkush
    Ancient Peruvian Hilltop Fortresses Offer Insights on War

  • On the Brink
    by Maura Singleton
    Saving a Language from Extinction

  • Cuba from the Bottom Up
    by Roberto Armengol
    After Fidel, Life's Little Struggles Go On

  • Historical Notes on Brooks Hall
    by Jeff Hantman
    An Anthropological Analysis of an Origin Myth