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Lee Bidgood presented a paper on ethnicity and fiddling in Czech Republic at this year's meeting of the Music and Minorities subgroup of the ICTM, and also presented at this fall’s SEM conference, giving a paper about Czech performance of gospel bluegrass repertory. He’s tickled to have won 1st place in bluegrass fiddle and mandolin at this summer’s Hoppin John Fiddler’s Convention, and is looking forward to performing with the UNC Consort of Viols this December, and finishing dissertation chapters.

Michael Bishop came to the University after a career as a rock musician. He is currently writing his dissertation on American punk and has an article in the works about composer and Schoenberg scholar Dika Newlin. Michael teaches in the Music and English departments at UVA. His recent course offerings include classes on American music and literature, the history of rock music, and 20th century music. Michael also performs regularly with his group the Misery Brothers.

Maria Guarino presented a paper, “Praise and Glory from Dawn to Dusk: Music in Common Life and Common Prayer at Weston Priory,” at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University in October 2008. This paper explores the role and function of music at Weston Priory, a Benedictine monastery in the Green Mountains of central Vermont. Maria is in her second year in the CCS program; she plans to continue to develop her socio-cultural approach to contemporary monastic music and her work with Weston Priory in her dissertation project.

Wendy Hsu presented her dissertation work on Asian American independent rock musicians at the 2008 Society of Ethnomusicology meeting at Wesleyan University in October. She co-published an article in Amalgam and contributed two book reviews for Journal of Popular Music Studies and Women and Music this fall. With her improvised music trio Pinko Communoids, she performed at the Red Room in Baltimore, ABC no Rio in New York, and MegaHz Experimental Music Festival in Charlottesville and Richmond this fall.

Steven Kemper's piece, At the Crossing of Five Paths for flute and computer, was premiered on October 11 by Charlottesville flutist Wayla Chambo at the Pixilerations festival in Providence, RI as part of the 2008 FirstWorks arts festival.

Expressive Machines Musical Instruments’ (EMMI) ( new robotic percussion instrument MADI (multi-Mallet Automatic Drumming Instrument) was premiered along with her older sister PAM (Poly-tangent Automatic multi-Monochord) as part of the Virginia Center for Computer Music’s 20th Anniversary Tour. EMMI was created in 2007 by Troy Rogers, Scott Barton, and Steven Kemper.

In May 2008, Jason Kirby presented his work on the critical reception of late 1960s Bob Dylan at the International Country Music Conference in Nashville, TN. In September of the same year, he presented his work on the politics of the band Throbbing Gristle at the South Central Graduate Music Consortium in Chapel Hill, NC.